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Meet Kym Turale

Human Behaviour & Trauma Expert

Having worked in Policing for 33 years and specialising in areas relating to people management, I have learnt a lot about human behaviour, why people do what they do, what they need to do to move forward and that treading water in life leaves you vulnerable to becoming stale and unhappy.

I took on life coaching as another way to feed my hunger to help people, to make me better so I had more to give. I studied and continue to study knowing that everyone is capable of an extraordinary life but sometimes we can get lost along the way, we can lose focus, experience self-sabotage, lack of belief, anxiety and trauma and become disengaged.

This is where I can help you to reconnect with yourself. It doesn't matter where you have been, it's about where you want to go that's important to me. I am interested in you moving forward to achieve YOUR best life. 


Meet Cindy Rochstein

Communications & Conscious Educator

I am the parent of a neurodiverse child on the Autism Spectrum. This experience, combined with a career in communications and extensive writing background, has led me to the unique position of being able to help in the life coaching space by assisting children to express themselves though multiple communication channels. 


In particular, when it comes to conscious education and helping to plant the seeds in a child’s mind, such as confidence, self-acceptance and self-esteem and to give them the very best start in life.


I am also the Founder of a company (Cindication) that parallels conscious education and mental health, together these two components allows us to thrive on being part of the global conversation about changing education and 'how we do school'. Actively looking at the mental and emotional health of all children so we can support them to excel in their minds, happiness, and their futures.


What We Specialise In

Small Business
Trauma / Anxiety
Neurodiversity / Autism Coaching
Boys Program
(Yr 7-12)
Return to Work
Kids Blowing Bubbles

The Journey Towards Conscious Health Begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin Your Journey Today.

“We believe in empowering kids to go for it in life by undertaking early intervention.”

- Early Intervention

“Progress Ahead Life Coaching (PALC) focuses on the health and mental fortitude of adults and children.”

- Our Vision

“We believe in an Optimistic and Growth Mindset as opposed to 'just' positive thinking.”

- Optimistic Mindset

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