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About Coaching for Healthy Living Programs

Progress Ahead Life Coaching (PALC) focuses on the health, wellbeing and mental fortitude of both adults and children. Our mission is to inspire and empower individuals to believe in themselves and their dreams and provide them with not only their own internal awareness but also the all important toolkit to make that happen. All of our 'Coaching for Healthy Living Programs' at PALC encompass this philosophy. 

Coaching for Healthy Living Kids Program

As a qualified Adventures in Wisdom Coach, I use the power of stories and associated activities to help kids develop a growth mind-set. Learning how the mind works, to give them the tools to deal with the inevitable challenges of life, to develop strong self-esteem, to be able to overcome challenges such as fear, self-doubt and making mistakes. I teach them how to how handle peer pressure, coping with anxiety and trauma management.

I conduct private sessions, where it is one-on-one specifically designed in collaboration with parent/guardian for the individual needs and outcomes of the child. This can be face to face or video call (such as Zoom, Skype).

I also conduct group sessions for up to 10 participants.

Young Parents

Coaching for Healthy Living Adults Program

As a certified life coach for adults, I offer one-on-one confidential sessions where you are in a safe place to openly express your dreams of how you want to live. I help you uncover and defeat the roadblocks that are preventing you from realising your full potential in life, to find who you really are, what you really stand for.

I'll work with you to block out all the "white noise" so you can focus on what it is you really want and listen to yourself - what you focus on is what you get.

Life coaching isn't just for a selection of the community, it's for anyone who wants to make progress in some areas of their life. Some people who have taken on a life coach include Hugh Jackman, Oprah Winfrey, Metallica, Andre Agassi and Barack Obama. All these people have amazing gifts, special qualities just like the rest of us. We are all capable of achieving excellence in our own field; not everyone decides to do what it takes to achieve it…will you?

Anxiety and Trauma Management

Everyone deals with anxiety and most of us, from time to time, are faced with some form of trauma. In my role as frontline police officer, crime investigator, police negotiator and welfare officer, I have much experience in the field of anxiety and trauma, the various levels they can be and the implications they can have on you.

Whilst I can’t diagnose and/or treat mental disorders or prescribe medication, what I can promise to be is;

·      Great listener in a safe place without judgement

·      Identify and directly address the root cause of the anxiety/trauma

·      Provide helpful advice with strategies to help you regain control of situations that challenge you

·      Provide emotional support, help you create confidence and motivate you to make the mind shifts you need to move forward and not be held back by the past

·      Assist you in developing self-leadership to take charge of your life.


Children also deal with trauma from problems at school and home to worldwide events such as Covid19 that can have lifelong social and behavioural consequences. PALC coaching covers resilience building for children to better prepare them to handle past and future trauma and to grow into healthy adults.

If you would like to read more on 'Anxiety and Trauma Management in the 21st Century' CLICK HERE

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Neurodiversity - Autism Spectrum Coaching

Research and studies have shown that kids on the Spectrum develop at a different rate and don’t necessarily develop skills in the same order as neurotypical children. Things such as attention span, ability to concentrate, understand other views/perspectives, eye contact, gestures etc maybe more challenging for them.

Coaching kids with autism or similar conditions therefore needs to be tailored accordingly. At PALC, the Adventures in Wisdom stories and activities can be adjusted to support their learning. This ensures that each child gets their deserved chance at learning and growth. Understanding the challenges kids on the spectrum face gives us the best chance to serve them, to really help them with their progress.


Much of the lessons within the stories and activities that our coaching offers is focussed on assisting children seeing things in new ways, flip-side thinking, looking for silver linings, appreciating other’s perspective. This is by design because seeing things from other people’s eyes is an important social skill, helping to understand why they act and feel certain ways and why their beliefs and desires are different to their own. Gently teaching and developing these skills for kids on the spectrum goes a long way to them living a happy, healthy life.

Leadership Coaching Program

30+ years as a front line police officer has given me a lot of exposure to a variety of situations that have required leadership such as negotiating self-harm and hostage incidents. There have been lots of lessons here, lessons about leadership of all types and qualities.

This has enabled me to form my own leadership skills, attributes, style and knowledge which in turn I utilised in my duties running stations and teams, managing different personalities so as to get people from different backgrounds, beliefs, cultures onto one page for a common aim.

If you are looking for some leadership coaching I can offer invaluable insights into my experience of what really works, what leaders really need, the three types of empathy that will foster solid working relationships between leaders and their sub-ordinates, power of certainty and balancing this with ego, when to and when not to lead in isolation and much more.

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Small Business Coaching

Owning and running a business is hard work. In times where things come from left field such as Covid19, business ownership becomes even harder. The associated stress and anxiety can create a heavy fog in the minds of owners, concerned about how to tweak and pivot their business to keep afloat.


This is where coaching can help, fresh eyes helping them develop a mindset that focuses on solutions, not problems which in turn creates new business possibilities (the evolution of many business practices through the Covid19 period is an example) , new pathways for productivity,  growth and sustainability. Helping business owners develop not just a positive mindset but an optimistic one which in turn creates hope for the future and empowerment for the present.

Young Men Coaching Program (Yr 7-12)

We all act consistently to who we believe we are. A common issue with young men in particular is that they don’t know who they really are.


Young men think they do, from ideas given to them from their parents, teachers and friends, i.e. “You’re not that type of person” or “You’re a Jones and us Jones’s are not good at maths.” While these are often well intentioned, they don’t always serve what is best for the individual.


Coaching is a way to help young men find out how they arrived at their current identity, what story are they telling themselves because your story becomes your life.


The decisions you’ve made along the way such as to play a certain sport, study a particular subject, fall into a certain occupation, form a special belief that make up your story and your life as it stands.


I help young men assess their story, what are they telling themselves, is it serving them and if not, how to address it. That their decisions, not conditions or what others tell them is what determine their life and that ultimately, they are responsible for their outcomes and their happiness.

If you would like to read more on 'Your Identity' CLICK HERE

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Return to Work Coaching Program

I know in the past, after taking leave from work often the thought of going back is tough to handle – and that’s after a holiday when you’ve done some unwinding, disconnecting and re-charging!

So returning to work after circumstances such as job loss, injury and the like can be really tough. Anxiety, fear even feelings of sadness can be prominent in the lead up to the return and in the initial period itself. Going into a new position, a new job can have it's share of concerns too.

The anxiety, stress and general thoughts that go through our minds as we contemplate our return to work can be self-defeating. Coaching can help you turn the negative thoughts and actions into more positive and productive behaviour increasing your chances of a successful, happy return to work. And never under-estimate the ripple effect on other areas of your life that a happy return to work can generate.

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