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Meet the PALC Team

Focusing on the health, well-being and

mental fortitude of children and adults

A Message from our Founder, Kym Turale...

On 30th November 1987 I woke up as a student about to undertake my last matriculation exam that morning.

By night-time on that very same day, I went to bed as a sworn police officer, with all the legislative powers that come with that role.

In my near 33 years as a police officer I have worked across the state of Tasmania and in nearly all of the diverse roles policing has to offer -  uniform, plain clothes, investigative, water police, country and city posting managing stations, shifts and crews, promotion to Sergeant in 2002 as well as being the recipient of various medals along the way for integrity, diligence and ethical service.

In 1999 I became a member of the negotiator unit, specialising in assisting people deal when they were at their worst. In 2014 I was invited to join the police welfare unit, now known as Well-Being Support. The work associated with this role, combined with my negotiator duties had me wanting to up-skill so as to be able to serve those I had contact with as best as I could.

Consequently, I then undertook a life coaching course with the highly renowned, The Coaching Institute in Melbourne which in turn led me to begin my own life coaching business, Progress Ahead Life Coaching (PALC).


This business has continued to grow as well as my hunger to continue to gain more education and specialist knowledge and skills.


In 2020 I enrolled in a course specialising in the coaching of children (6-14 years). I am now accredited in this field also, (certified WISDOM Coach™ through Adventures in Wisdom™)  firmly believing that early intervention of problems and issues plays a significant role in children reaching their full potential later in life.

PALC is a business that focuses on the health, wellbeing and mental fortitude of adults and children.

PALC aims to impact people in a positive manner, one that inspires and empowers adults and children to believe in themselves and to be the leaders of their own lives. This is done through tailor-made coaching sessions, packages and workshops which are available to adults and children.

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