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Young people express deepening concern for the future of work and study

According to new research conducted by Headspace, (released on 16th July 2020), the National Youth Mental Health Foundation has revealed half of young people feel their study (53%) and work (48%) situation has been negatively impacted due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

And that increasingly, 40% of young respondents felt that the pandemic had impacted their confidence to achieve future goals. Further, half of all respondents felt their mental health had worsened during the COVID-19 pandemic (51%)

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*headspace, formally the headspace National Youth Mental Health Foundation, is an Australian non-profit organisation for youth mental health established by the Australian Government in 2006. The project is funded by the Department of Health under the Youth Mental Health Initiative Program, and indirectly supported through the Better Access Scheme.

headspace delivers support to young people aged from 12 to 25 years to reduce the impact of depression, anxiety, stress, alcohol and drug use, and to improve relationship issues associated with sexuality, sexual health, families, and bullying. Young people and their families can get support at a headspace centre as well as online and telephone support service, eheadspace.

(Source: Wikipedia)

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