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Fears & Dreams

Updated: Nov 16, 2018

Too many people are not living their dreams...they are living their fears, but it doesn't have to be this way.

Two days ago, I ran into an old work colleague of mine. He was a similar age to me, had two young kids, just like me. He left his secure, well paying job to chase his dream to become a pilot. He took a risk, took a leap of faith and jumped! And whilst he tells me it's hard work, it is paying off. And more importantly...he has never been happier!

I don’t know what your dreams are or how hard you have worked for them. I do know that with dreams it is easier to say I can’t than I can. It’s easier to find excuses than get results.

"When it comes to your dreams, EASE is the the greater THREAT to PROGRESS than hardship!”

What stops us going after our dreams? Often, the answer is fear! And fear can become more powerful than the dream itself.

So if WE create fear ourselves....then WE can destroy is also.

How? By listening to what our hearts really want! Many people who achieve their dreams and successes still faced fears, only they didn't let it freeze them and do nothing and not act on their dreams. They shifted their mindset from the negativity of failing to one of positivity and hope and belief in themselves and their dream.

"Your heart knows what you want. Your mind knows your fears. Listen to what your heart is whispering to you.”

It's ok to be afraid...

Success can be a lonely path. It's normal to feel the fear of being judged, fear of failing, fear of being lonely because sometimes success is a lonely journey.

I’m suggesting you not give in to your fears. But I do want you to be afraid of something, even, terrified and that is of doing nothing about your dreams.

Because, waking up tomorrow, next week, next month, next year and your dream is still just a dream with no progress.....that’s what you should be afraid of!

So like my friend, he took action; who heard and acted on what his heart told him. Take your leap, build your wings on the way, and make your dreams take off.

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