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Inner Voice Critic

Updated: Nov 13, 2018

How to take the oxygen from your Inner Critic and take your power back!

Have you ever heard of the term, "Impostor Syndrome?" It's a phrase given to people (usually high achievers) whom, despite their great accomplishments have an internal fear that they will be exposed as a fraud and ultimately found out. We are not talking about gut instincts here, we are referring to your inner critic, that little gnawing voice inside your head that won't let go. And annoyingly... sometimes it doesn't just say, "Don't do this", it says, "You're not god enough", "You're a fraud" or "You'll be found out!"

Does this sound familiar to you? If so, your inner critic is in control in the drivers seat, and you the helpless passenger. Till now.

So how do we regain control over our thoughts, where do they even come from and more importantly how do we break up with our inner critic once and for all?

How to Break Up with your Inner Critic

“Believe it or not, but your inner critic is just the voice inside your head that is trying to keep you safe, like a risk mitigator. However, we do need to find ways in which to deal with this so it doesn't overwhelm us and stop us achieving our dreams.”

Your critical inner voice comes from a place of hurt - usually a painful or negative experience early on in life where you were part of (or were witness to someone close), a hurtful experience or negative attitude towards you. This experience slips in to our unconscious state and as we grow up it can begin to form some negative thought patterns and self destructive views towards ourselves. We then fail to separate this from just being thoughts, we can let it rule our life. Although it may seem illogical, the unconscious part of the brain is the part where our feelings, wishes, desires originate and isn't logical as much as we would like it to be. However, by being aware of those thoughts (consciously) we can begin to change them in our unconscious brain.

So, let's begin. Firstly, you must understand that it is not a defect! It is natural, normal even, and can actually be helpful – if you can learn to use your fear it can even become your friend/ally – and it helps you build your "courage bank".

Challenge it!

Be mindful of these voices, this inner critic is just thoughts. We can challenge them. We can say, “Thanks, I hear you, but I’m okay here, I’ve got this, I can keep going” or write the thought down and then write a response to it.

For example, "I stuffed up at work, I’m no good at anything."

Your rebuttal would be: "I made a mistake, at least I had a crack, I’ll take the lesson and move on because I have done a lot more things right." Take the oxygen from it and take the power back.

This brings me to another way to combat the inner critic. You can use your past successors as reference points to you being competent and capable. This might be praise from bosses at work, emails/letters or thanks, awards you have achieved. This gives you a truer perspective of where you are really at and will help you begin to lead the direction of your life, in the way you want to lead it.

Just remember, you are not alone - everyone is at risk of these thoughts!

“ Everyone has these thoughts from all walks of life, no matter how successful or intelligent they are, where they come from or what profession that may be in”

It's really important to realise that we all have an inner critic - its how we manage it that determines how it affects each of us differently.

One simple way to begin is to concentrate on your breathing. When your inner voice brings fear to the table, it slows or even stops our breathing which affects our clear thinking. Remember to take a few deep breaths, challenge the voice and keep going and moving forward.

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