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Updated: Nov 13, 2018

We are all consumed these days by the world wide web, but why don't we take the time to log into our (the) Just Me Web?

The World Wide Web is a busy place, filled with bright lights and white noise. We spend a lot of our time and focus there, wondering what everyone else is doing, where are they going, who are they with. We use it as a marker for where we are in our own lives, but should we?

“Being consumed by the world wide web, gives us a lot of information and focus about the past, the now and the future. We all do it, by why are we neglecting the other web? The Just Me Web.”

The Just Me Web is our own web. This web has information about our own needs, our beliefs, our ambitions, our emotions and our values that control us. It is a place of self-awareness and reflection.

Self-Awareness and Reflection

It's these things that drive us in our life and the direction we want to go in. It's our vehicle. Could it be that there is too much focus on the world wide web at the expense of focus on the Just Me Web? “Me Web” doesn’t mean we lose control of our "life car". Distractions mean we may miss turn offs, we aren’t speeding up when we should or slow down when we need too.

Its important to log on into our Just Me Web and look at where we are going and we need to see if our goals and values are aligned.

Look at your values, are they in line with your goals? For example, if you value comfort and security, yet you hate your job and dream of another occupation then your values will not let you grab an opportunity when it comes along. You will tell yourself, it’s too risky, the markets not right, it’s the wrong time of year, or I will do it later... anything to convince you to not grab it.

“If you want to remain in control of your life, its direction and the level of progress you make towards getting where you want to be then take the time to log into your Just Me Web.

By logging in to the Just me web it gives you the opportunity to look at your values, and more importantly upgrade your values, do not downgrade your goals.

You see the Just Me Web is a lot about self awareness, it won’t stop you from making mistakes, but it will help you learn from them.

So log into your Just Me Web today.

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