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Your Potential

Updated: Nov 13, 2018

Are you living up to yours?

Many people commonly believe that ones potential is having the capacity to develop into something in the future. The magic that is somewhere between where you are currently at and where you think you could be. However, in life, many choose not to take this path through fear and sadly, there is no greater sadness or burden left in life than YOUR unfulfilled potential.

The richest place is the cemetery.

“Les Brown says, the richest place in the world is not the bank, it's the cemetery where people leave their unused gifts and talents."

So, I want you to ask yourself this. Are you just tip-toeing your way through life so you make it safely to death? Are you playing it safe with YOUR potential, not taking risks, just being reminded constantly to be "realistic"? Or are you slowly killing your dreams and ultimately imprisoning yourself, never realising your full worth?

Signs you are not reaching your full potential

Here are some signs that you are not living up to your full potential:

1- On the outside it seems like you have it all, but within you there is a gap you haven’t filled.

2- You have a sense of unfinished business, if you were to die tomorrow, you feel like you didn’t do all you could and should have.

3- You settle for a level of success lower than you initially aimed for and you know it is much lower than you are truly capable of.

4- You realise life has given you many wake up calls and instead you just rolled over and hit the snooze button.

Challenge yourself, find your potential

“The sky is not the limit...your mind is.” (Marilyn Monroe)

Let's begin with your mindset and the way you think. Try to look at things differently, like mistakes being a good thing because you can learn from them. Step back and think what is the life lesson here and give yourself the space to explore this new way of thinking and opportunity. You won’t know your full potential unless you are prepared to challenge yourself. Be prepared to fail…but fail forward.

Your potential lies in your story, your life story. You my dear, are the "Author" what do you want your story to entail?

Let's make some progress on your potential today.

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