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The year of separation anxiety: How back to school is harder than ever in 2020

This article is really interesting and although based in the US, it's message correlates to those in Australia (depending on which state you are in of course).

The article explores that, "even kids who once went to school happily may find themselves clinging to parents this fall."

Separation Anxiety was already a prevalent issue prior to Covid19 and the Year 2020, but now it is magnified due to the current climate and landscape.

"In addition to standard questions about a new school (are the teachers nice?), he wants to know about the changes. Will coronavirus be gone? (No.) Does he have to wear a mask? (Yes.) Can I be there every day? (No.) His response was firm: “Then I’m never going to school.”

"Back-to-school jitters are to be expected even in normal times, which 2020 is surely not. After months at home, children leaving the nest may fuel intense separation anxiety. Add to that new rules about masks and social distancing, not to mention fear of the virus itself, and you can expect an army of kids clinging to their parents when that first bell rings."

Source: TODAY

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